The following information is made available to show that John Van Laar has "appealed" to the consistory of Abbotsford to overture Synod Chatam 2004 regarding unity efforts with the United Reformed Churches in North America.

The Consistory,

The Canadian Reformed Church of Abbotsford

December 4, 2003

Esteemed Brothers:

On matters raised by the CPEU report to Synod Chatam 2004;

As times progress we deal with many reports of the CPEU as well as its subcommittees and with other sources of information. It can be seen that the error of pluriformity is becoming a disrupting influence that may cause even the Canadian Reformed Churches to split. Pluriformity puts emphasis on Christianity but not on the Church. It also dilutes the authority of the elders, concerning matters of doctrine and dealing with withdrawals and related announcements.

The Canadian Reformed Church membership has become divided over the "True Church" vs "Pluriformity" dilemma and the rift deepens with unresolved unity procedures and does not aid the URC in it's process of reformation.

Pluriformity is evident in the Lord's Supper policy of the URC as members of the Canadian Reformed Churches express the same type of thinking there is pressure to ease off on Art. 61 of the Church Order.

The report of the Subcommittee Concerning Theological Training reveals a struggle between being scriptural or pragmatic. M.A.R.S has a pluriform foundation as revealed in its independent existence and its multi-church slate of professors. There is no sign of acknowledgement of the Canadian Reformed scriptural position.

The error of pluriformity is a serious matter, it is not a weakness. According to Lord's Day 31 doctrinal error is worthy of discipline. Pluriformity must be delt with and resolved before continuing in "Phase 2", otherwise the Canadian Reformed Churches will become divided and the on-going reformation of the URC will be hindered.

Therefore I move that the Canadian Reformed Church of Abbotsford overture Synod to establish a clear confessional position against pluriformity before it recommends a continuation of Phase 2.


John Van Laar


This proposal was defeated by consistory.