The Consistory of Abbotsford

August 15, 2006

Esteemed Brothers:

On June 13, 2006 members of our sister church in Lynden, WA issued a call to secession. I submit a copy of this call to the consistory of Abbotsford because I am convinced that these brothers acted in accordance with the the Word of God, our Confessions, and the Church Order.

After repeated admonitions to the consistory of the American Reformed Church of Lynden regarding the consistory's determination to uphold the unscriptural decisions of Synod 2001 (Neerlandia) and Synod 2004 (Chatham) regarding ecclesiastical fellowship with the OPC and the other synodical decisions establishing ecclesiastical fellowship with the PCK, FCS, RCUS and the URC, a call to secession was sent out to the congregation of Lynden. Sadly, the consistory hardened itself against every admonition and unjustly placed under discipline those who had called the consistory to repent.

Therefore, I request that the consistory of Abbotsford take seriously the Lynden consistory's refusal to abide by the Word of God, our Confessions, and the Church order. Specifically, I am requesting the consistory to recognize the legitimacy of the secession that has occurred in Lynden and to immediately rescind your approval and implementation of all synodical decisions to establish ecclesiastical fellowship with the URC, RCUS, PCK, OPC, and FCS. Further, I request consistory to publicly acknowledge that the Canadian Reformed Churches acted against the Word of God by establishing unity with these churches without properly testing the spirits and without upholding all of our Confessions.

Brothers, I hope that we can return from a path of disobedience and ecnourage all other churches in our federation to also reject as settled and binding the synodical decisions establishing ecclesiastical fellowship in a manner not pleasing to the Lord.

I herewith submit all my past correspondence with consistory as evidence that these relationships that have been established are unscriptural. As further evidence that these decisions are indeed unscriptural, I also submit copies of the appeals presented to Classis Pacific East regarding the refusal of consistories to interact with the material presented to them regarding these decisions.

Brothers, we must decide to be obedient now, not later, nor after countless appeals to broader assemblies. I hope and pray that the consistory will choose the path of obedience.

Yours in Christ,

Richard Van Laar