Canadian Reformed Church of Aldergrove

Box 809, Aldergrove, British Columbia V4W 2V1

March 22, 2009

To the congregation:

Last week, most if not all the communicant members of the congregation received a letter from br. Maurice Vantil in regard to the Christian discipline exercised toward him.

In the second paragraph of his letter, br. Vantil mentions a number of "issues."  While the elders do not wish to enter into public debate with br. Vantil about these so-called "issues," the following points are important for the congregation to keep in mind:

In the third paragraph of his letter, br. Vantil wrongly states that he is under discipline for attending the "Liberated Reformed Church at Abbotsford." In reality, he is under discipline because he does not diligently attend the worship services and despises the proclamation of God's Word in the congregation of which he remains a member. Br. Vantil did not even tell the Consistory that he would no longer attend our services nor did he inform us in any formal way that he would be attending the "services" of the schismatic group in Abbotsford.  He simply disappeared from our services and it was left up to the elders to find out his whereabouts. Such conduct is unbecoming for a communicant member of the church, particularly for one who professes such a high regard for the Church Order and the confessional documents of the church.

Still in the paragraph entitled "Discipline," br. Vantil refers to a decision of the consistory "not to recognize the liberated groups."  Consistory has never made such a decision for the reason that the matter was never on our table. We have not officially been informed that these schismatic groups are instituted churches nor have we been properly informed as to whether or not br. Vantil is a member of one of them.

As brother Vantil points out with his quotation from Prof. C. Veenhof, when consistories and/or Synods make decisions which are in conflict with the Word of God, church members have the right to separate from such teachers and assemblies while they follow a process of appeal in the assemblies of the churches (Classis, Regional Synod, General Synod), However, br. Vantil's quotation from Prof. Veenhof is incomplete.  The rest of Veenhof’s sentence reads as follows: "At least if the matter in dispute is of sufficient importance, and if it cannot be temporarily put aside in any other way" (page 163).  Consistory is convinced that the matters raised by br. Vantil are not sufficiently important and neither are they of such a nature that they cannot be temporarily put aside by br. Vantil.  The Consistory holds this view on the following grounds:

On the basis of the above, the Consistory encourages the members of the church to read the letter of br. Vantil with care and to consider the writings on the calltoreform website with caution.  Br. Vantil is guilty of sinful behaviour and needs to repent of it in order to experience God's renewed blessing upon his life. Please do urge him to be reunited with the congregation of which he is a member.

Yours in Christ,

On behalf of the Aldergrove Consistory

B. Vane, Vice Chairman