To the Congregation of the Canadian Reformed Church of Aldergrove          March 16, 2009

Dear brothers and sisters:       


On January 11, 2009 consistory announced to the congregation that I am under church discipline for sin against the fourth commandment.  In the January 18, 2009 ‘Update’ the congregation has now been asked to ‘call me back to church’ and to tell me to ‘no longer act schismatically.’

The Issues

How did we get to this point?  The original ‘issues’ revolve around the following:  the use of grape juice instead of wine at Lord’s Supper (Article 35 BC), the admission of guests who have not professed the reformed faith (Article 61 CO), the covenantal status of our children (Galatians 5:25), and the declaration by consistory that the Liberated Reformed Churches of Abbotsford and Lynden are guilty of blasphemy (L.D. 36).  For more information on the Article 61 correspondence with consistory and related appeals to the major assemblies please refer to the Forum page of the website  Upon request I can provide paper copies.


The sole reason for my discipline, however, is my attendance at the Liberated Reformed Church at Abbotsford.  Consistory does not recognize my right to hold the decision of consistory not to recognize the liberated groups not settled and binding (article 31 CO).  Consistory does not recognize my commitment to reject all heresies and errors conflicting with God’s Word (Form for Public Profession of Faith).  According to C. Veenhof (Bound Yet Free:  Essays in Reformed Church Polity, pages 162 to 163) ‘believers have the right and the freedom to separate both from such teachers whom they have judged to be unfaithful, and from their public assemblies’.  Consistory, classis, and regional synod refuse to interact with this quote.  Rather, per classis I am ‘obliged to join Sunday by Sunday the church of Aldergrove to which God has called [me]’. 


I call upon you the congregation to examine the material available on the website and carefully consider whether or not we are in the process of deformation and whether or not Consistory is acting hierarchically.  Please remember consistory in prayer, and join me in calling the consistory back to faithfulness to the reformed confessions and the Church Order.  If we reject our consciences we will be sure to make shipwreck of our faith (cf. 1 Timothy 1:19).


                                                                                                With brotherly greetings,

                                                                                                Maurice Vantil